Israeli Navy Intercepts Ship Carrying Pro-Palestinian Activists Trying to Break

A spokesman for the flotilla said Israeli navy acted like “state pirates”, but there were no reports of violence.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu censured the activists aboard the Marianne as “hypocritical”, and accused them of assisting the Islamist Hamas rulers of the Strip while ignoring atrocities across the region.

Ya’alon concluded his statement by reiterating that, “There is no siege on Gaza…”

The war was the latest in a destructive cycle that will undoubtedly be repeated if leaders on both sides don’t hold violators of worldwide law accountable for their conduct, as the report recommended, and, ultimately, find a way to live in peace.

It bears repeating. Only morons or hate-mongering racists can believe this disgusting rubbish – a beginning-to-end pack of Big Lies.

“In accordance with global law, the Israeli navy advised the vessel several times to change course”, the military said in a statement.

Fact: So-called Israeli democracy is pure fantasy.

Other allegations, such as that Palestinian authorities discouraged Palestinians from evacuating areas contrary to the instruction of Israeli forces, were also concerning. The report found that the attacks causing many of these civilian deaths were unlawful.

Israel Television said the Marianne wouldn’t be brought into Ashdod port until after dark to foil the activists’ intention to achieve maximum publicity. “You seem to have gotten lost”.

In 2010, nine activists were killed trying to breach the blockade. We defend our citizens against these attempts in accordance with worldwide law.

It is disappointing that the Israeli government chose to continue the absolutely fruitless policy of “no tolerance”, meaning it will continue to enforce an inhumane and illegal collective punishment against 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza.

By the way, the volume of equipment that has been sent from Israel to Gaza is more than 500,000 times larger than the your boats that you are arriving on.

Israel provides assistance to hundreds of humanitarian projects through worldwide organizations, including the building of clinics and hospitals. “But we have no intention of allowing any entity to smuggle weapons that will be directed against us”.

The Palestinian militants, including Hamas, were condemned for the “inherently indiscriminate nature” of rockets and mortars fired at Israeli civilians.

Dismissing the ship’s attempt to dock at a port in Gaza, the minister termed the event a “provocation” and claimed, “there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza”.

Last Monday, an independent United Nations inquiry pointed out the impunity with which Israeli forces committed grave human rights violations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank during its offensive in 2014.

The communique concludes by lamenting that the activists chose not to visit Israel, as they would have been “impressed” by the democracy upheld by the Jewish state that affords equality and religious freedoms for all its citizens. America and Israel are Exhibits A and B.

Rogue regimes substitute propaganda for hard truths too disturbing to reveal.


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Native Affairs reporter Ruwani Perera