Israeli police kill 12-year-old Palestinian in Bethlehem

An AFP journalist saw the gutted inside of a house in east Jerusalem that witnesses said was the former residence of Abu Jamal.


“There were lots of Arabs around looking… laughing and smiling”, Banita said.

Samir Alloun, whose son Fadi was killed by police on Sunday after allegedly stabbing and wounding a 15-year-old passerby in west Jerusalem, has accused officers of executing his son and asked to see evidence of his crime.

But settlers and right-wingers were unimpressed and thousands protested near Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem to decry the government’s “lack of resolve” in fighting Palestinian attacks and ensuring their safety.

Palestinians are unhappy with the security crackdown that has been employed by Israeli forces following recent attacks, according to BBC News. It was unclear whether that bullet hit the teen.

Separately, the Israeli military said it had bombed a security compound in Gaza after Palestinian militants fired a rocket that landed in a field in southern Israel.

Israel has demolished homes of two Palestinian militants who carried out deadly attacks in Jerusalem past year.

HARRIS: The military and police say that it was a Hamas cell that was operating in the West Bank.

He was taken in a civilian vehicle to hospital and immediately underwent surgery.

The two attacks book-ended a weekend in which hundreds of vigilante Jewish settlers around the West Bank attacked Palestinian villagers with stones, boulders, and burning tires.

In Bethlehem, stone-throwers clashed with Israeli troops near Rachel’s Tomb, a frequent flashpoint near where Israel’s separation barrier juts into the city.

An Israeli died when Palestinians pelted his auto with rocks and several others were injured in other incidents.

Halabi appears to have been motivated by the tensions over the holy site.

So we chose to run to a safer area, near security forces, and then we would continue on our way. Protesters hurled rocks at the troops, though there were no reported Israeli injuries.

Israeli forces also shot a Palestinian teenager dead on Sunday during clashes in the northern West Bank village of Bala.

The prime minister stressed that these moves are “necessary in order to safeguard the security of Israeli citizens on the roads and everywhere”.

Israeli officials, however, insist that Israel is not facing another Intifada but rather a “wave of terror”. At least four Palestinians were injured by gunshots during the conflict at Tulkarm, with Hudhayfah Ali Suleiman, an 18-year-old who reportedly sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. “This is why Israel is required to take positive political steps toward Palestinians before talking about any economic participation with them”.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has not offered an alternative to failed negotiations, except to urge the global community to intervene, so far to little avail. Abbas phoned United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to “brief him” on the unrest, according to his office.

Violence has increased recently, with rising tensions over the al-Aqsa mosque and violent confrontations between Israeli security forces and Palestinian youths, says the BBC’s Yolande Knell in Jerusalem.

Nimar Hamad told a Palestinian news website that Hamas was working to foment violence and undermine the PA leadership in the West Bank, while Jerusalem was interested in portraying Ramallah leadership as warmongering.


In all, eight Palestinians were wounded by live fire and 45 by rubber-coated steel pellets in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Monday, the Red Crescent said.

In West Bank, clashes with Israeli troops kill Palestinian