James Clapper Not Optimistic About Obama’s Cyber Agreement with China

John McCain (R-Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at a committee hearing Tuesday.


Earlier Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that the Central Intelligence Agency pulled a number of officers from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing as a precautionary measure. The USA suspects in that Chinese language hackers have been behind the breach at the U.S. Workplace of Personnel Administration, which exposed the fingerprints of 5.6 million authorities staff. Since the stolen knowledge consists of records on State Department staff, the hackers might, by means of elimination, determine embassy personnel who’re really intelligence agents. The White House said the agreement covers cyber theft where the intent is to provide a competitive advantage to a country’s companies or commercial sectors.

America is pulling spies from China ’cause of a cyberattack in that compromised the private knowledge of 21.5 million authorities staff, a USA official stated Tues.

The USA and China reached an agreement not to conduct or support cyberattacks on businesses during Chinese President Xi Jinping state visit last week.

Attacks by countries such as Russian Federation, China, Iran and North Korea, as well as non-state actors, would increase and likely grow more sophisticated in coming years, expanding to include manipulation of data, he said. “Russian Federation is attacking hospitals and places that they can find your personal information so they can steal that information”, Gigliotti said.

“Unfortunately”, he said, “this is a gift that’s going to keep on giving for years”.

Meanwhile, President Xi urged both countries to strengthen dialogue and cooperation on ways to prevent cyberattacks, ignoring recent threats from US officials who suggested economic sanctions against Chinese companies.

“Speaking of the OPM breaches, let me say a couple words about attribution: it is not a simple process and involves at least three related, but distinct determinations: the geographic point of origin, the identity of the actual perpetrator doing the keystrokes, and the responsibility for directing the act”, Clapper said.


On the part of the USA, the attorney-general and the secretary of Homeland Security will attend the meeting, with representatives from the intelligence community, Pentagon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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