Japan minister says Pacific trading partners closing in on trade deal

Officials from 12 countries including the United States, Japan and Australia appeared close to a deal on an ambitious Pacific Rim trade pact Saturday as negotiations went into the second day of overtime. But a few Canadian parts manufacturers are enthusiastic about the opportunity to grow an worldwide presence.


Now those countries are knocking on Canada’s door.

The autoworkers’ union fears the loss of middle-class jobs.

“America can no longer afford to wait another six weeks or six months in hopes of finding a better deal in something that has been negotiated for years”, Ellis said.

A push by the United States to set a longer period of exclusivity for drug makers who develop biological drugs like Genentech’s Avastin cancer-treatment has run into opposition from other TPP economies.

“It’s complicated, but we are continuing with the aim of achieving an agreement”.

Last week, Unifor organized a rally outside Oshawa MP Colin Carrie’s office to stress its opposition to the TPP.

Canada’s envoy to the talks wouldn’t talk percentages.

“By carving out tobacco from the TPP, the Obama Administration is discriminating against an entire agricultural commodity, setting a unsafe precedent for future trade agreements, ” said Senator Tillis. That is why Canada needs to be at the table. As we approach the seventh year of TPP negotiations, important issues, such as dealing with financial services and state-owned enterprises, have been largely resolved, but the issue of drug patent life is still a contentious issue that raises a great deal of ire.

“Basically what we’re asking is for the government to live up to their obligation to Canadians and not negotiate in secret and be transparent about what’s in the deal”, he said. Since then, representatives from relevant countries reached a broad agreement on tariff elimination rules regarding automobiles. Up until now, the country had been calling for lower barriers for its dairy products.

“Our view on China in terms of what we see, there’s clearly a few distress within the Chinese market, but the consumer demand side is still strong”, Key said.

The federal government has promised to maintain the supply-management system but isn’t ruling out more imports.

The arrival of officials from the US Congress at the hotel venue for the TPP talks on Friday also suggested that an agreement was in the air.

“We want to move away from looking at things through the ethnic prism and that is my concern, as the leader of Malaysia, I don’t want every issue we look at as challenges”.

Generally, Mr. Wu said he is in favour of trade liberalization.

But he doesn’t foresee an increase in auto exports from Canada.

“The Japanese are very good in using the regulations and also safety standards to restrict foreign trade”.


“I think there’s actually a chance it could get completed this week”.

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