Jay Z has been one of the biggest hip/hop stars ever that has been successful both critically and commercially. Straight from the hoods of Brooklyn selling drugs, this guy shot to fame with him debut album, “Reasonable Doubt” and since has had so many successful numbers to his name that he was even invited to perform at the marriage ceremony of Prince Harry. But the $400 million Empire he has isn’t the outcome of a single source of music, but he also has a share in Brooklyn Nets. But now the rapper has outreached his limits in an attempt to enter into a new genre but maybe the he chose the wrong gate.


The Great Gatsby is the latest Hollywood blockbuster set in the moods of 1920s starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby), and Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway). The leads, with all the perfection they’ve shown in their career, have not marked this stop as any exception. But where does Jay Z fit in all this is still a question in your minds? Well, Jay Z has grooved in with his hip/hop tunes for this film to record some soundtracks along with Beyonce, but maybe he should have stuck with his album.

This time it’s not the individual identities but the combined flavour that matters. The theme of the movie and the music just don’t complement each other. Though there are some tracks like “$100 Bill” and “Back to Black” which portrait the story of the movie very beautifully, but still the whole idea didn’t clicked. Jazz would have been a better choice for this one or something more soulful. Even better a collaboration of hip/hop and contemporary music would have worked fine for this one levelling both the sides of the coin equally.

Brooklyn Nets is the team which was owned by Jay Z and he has recently sold it. Though the team was worthy for Jay Z in the starting and brought great deal of money to him, but not so long. Also, in his personal circle of music albums, though he has been successful getting many Grammy awards but he has never been given the level of respect Eminem has got over his career. He has come from racks where he used to sell drugs but he can now be seen talking about jewels and his fame. No longer are his tracks understandable to the crowd. They are meant for the upper class and maybe that was the reason that Prince Harris asked him to perform in his wedding.

So is Jay Z’s career graph shifting downwards? Well that is a distant thought for now and we shouldn’t be talking about that anymore. Meanwhile, The Great Gatsby is doing great business and topping the charts. Though the audience hasn’t rejected the music altogether, no one has appreciated as well apart from some of the Jay Z fans. So it’s only a matter of how this mishit affects the overall collection.