Jays, Cubs, Pirates, Phils earn sweeps

Those words are sung by Frank Sinatra on audio at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.


The news is indeed spreading.

He also helped Toronto complete consecutive shutouts of the Yankees for the first time in team history. Totaling the weekend series scores, they lost 10-1.

But heaving back home run balls hit by opposing players is a time-honoured convention, rooted in Chicago, where Cubs fans have done it for decades. The umpires granted Teixeira a homerun on that play. They had another chance in the seventh when Beltran walked and Chase Headley singled to left, but Gregorius lined out and Drew struck out to end the inning.

You have to figure the Yankees will hit again, but who will cool off the reborn Blue Jays?

Donaldson and Price have been instrumental in Toronto’s eight-game win streak which has launched the Blue Jays in to an AL wild card spot. LP: Tanaka (8-5).

The next inning, he was hit in the back by Bautista’s home run ball when a fan in the left-field stands threw it back onto the field. Yes, the Yankees are perhaps even slower. While any of these teams could pull off some miraculous winning streak to get them back in the discussion, it is fair to ignore them for the moment. He could not have started CC Sabathia as he had pitched earlier in a game against the Boston Red Sox. His next start is Tuesday night against the Cleveland Indians. Another incident occurred during Game 3 of the World Series in 2011. While the Yankees have gone towards a more conservative, prospect saving approach, they hope their old ways don’t haunt them this season. He’s leading the worldwide League with a. 349 batting average along with 80 RBIs, which also happens to be more than anyone else in the league and a challenge at the MLB level for first. 166 and that’s not going to cut it. However, in this situation, yes, it is time to hit the panic button.

Toronto follows up their sweep of the Yankees with a three-game series with the last-place Oakland Athletics, but the team has some big games upcoming.

Surprisingly, the Yankees are a tough opponent for Toronto considerably speaking. But replays showed the pitch mostly caught Colabello’s elbow guard, and he remained in the game. At the July 31 trade deadline, the Yankees clearly failed in their attempt to gain that extra starting pitcher, so they don’t have to rely on Sabathia.

“The future looks good for this team”, he added. The bullpen has been solid. I was trying to do too much with my curveball today. “That’s something that we’re currently working on right now and if we can upgrade in the rotation, we’d like to do that as well”. Sabathia’s 4-8, 5.34 ERA disaster as a starter is something to be concerned about.

Over the top public love for the Blue Jays from sports commentators is now apparently the new norm.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi may have the answer but it is still hard to comprehend how such a potent offense can suddenly go sour and so fast in a matter of days.

Blue Jays fans haven’t seen playoff baseball since 1993 and are desperate to support a victor. Cashman has been the General Manager since 1998.

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No matter how you slice it, the Yankees franchise has everyone talking about them.

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