JEB BUSH: Here’s when Donald Trump really ‘bugs me’

It’s his personality, and the rest of his policies, that they can’t stand.


Speaking of things that should be done away with, I’d have the V.A. high on my list of priorities.

Though Trump says the root of the problem lies in a need to return to American pride.

His explanation was that the turn-around collar provided him with greater ability to do good than he would have without it. I told him that even though I wasn’t a Catholic, I thought that was a pathetic defense.

On AC360 Thursday evening, Anderson Cooper played Trump’s comments and added “everything you heard Donald Trump just say is wrong”, introducing a package from Kaye that detailed-and defended-her reporting.

In substance, Trump isn’t wrong to point out that the carried interest tax loophole is unfair and bad public policy.

Republican firebrand Donald Trump has promised to scrap taxes for America’s poorest and offer healthcare for all if elected president – paid for by renegotiating the NAFTA accords and picking a trade fight with China.

“Maybe something happens. Maybe people fall out of love with me”.

Trump has repeatedly decried the low tax rates “hedge fund guys” enjoy and pledged to increase their tax burden, although he didn’t cite them in the “60 Minutes” segment.

Like a lot of Trump’s opinions, that’s a characterization rooted in resentment that the proper distribution of economic entitlement has been upended. According to Martin’s story in the Times, “about a third of the seats were unfilled”. Asked why, Trump responded, “Because it wouldn’t work, because it’s too much“.

But in what he conceded is a departure from his own party’s approach, Trump also vowed to make a few of the wealthiest Americans – namely a few Wall Street players – pay more taxes.

“The term “hedge fund guys” is kind of an empty vessel”.

At that time, Trump was mulling a presidential bid, and in a formal statement in November 1999 that laid out his plan, Trump did, in fact, propose a one-time 14.25% tax on people and trusts with a net worth of over $10 million (minus the value of their principal residence). “We look forward to reviewing Mr. Trump’s tax plan”, said James Maloney of the Private Equity Growth Capital Council.

Courtney Edwards, associate professor of accounting at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, said there are two main parts of his tax plan proposal so far: carried interest and lowering corporate taxes along with eliminating multinational hurdles. When it comes to revenge, the Mafia dons go to the Clintons for refresher courses.


Update: Trump keeps on fighting, by way of his Instagram page.

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