Jeb Bush says he’s in the race “for the long haul”

Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush…


But Hispanic activists wanted Bush to answer questions about immigration policy, interrupting his speech with chants of “No hope without our vote!” He also has showcased his fluent Spanish on the campaign trail to a degree never before seen in presidential politics. Sen. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are tied with eight percent. Reforming federal regulations will help make that happen, he said Tuesday.

Bush’s comments highlight the delicate balance he must strike as a candidate with strong ties to Hispanic culture running to lead a party that has struggled to attract Hispanic voters.

“We have to diversify”. “We’re creeping towards multiculturalism and it’s the wrong approach”, he said. Critically, a growing number of them live in battleground states, including Virginia, that are considered vital to the GOP to winning the White House.

“Right now, our brand is toxic with the Hispanic community”, Muniz said.

“Over a 6 year period, we didn’t cultivate those relationships”, she lamented to ABC News. Afterward, he stood outside and promised that the GOP would be far more attentive to Latinos than it has in the past.

They say there is plenty of pro-Bush campaign money in the bank. When it comes to immigration, Priebus said there’s a difference of opinion even among Hispanics on what to do about it.

I have the energy to tear down those barriers for people that want to be lifted up”, he said, a not-so-subtle rebuttal to rival Donald Trump’s charge that Bush is “low-energy”.

But these efforts will remain a hard sell with the bloc of Republican voters who have flocked to two presidential contenders known for their inflammatory rhetoric. Ben Carson, adding to an already impressive list of daffy prescriptions, suggested last weekend that Muslims should be barred from the presidency despite the Constitution’s unambiguous decree that the office is not subject to a religious test. In reality, practically everyone coming to this country from overseas feels it’s important to learn English. “In order to become citizens, immigrants must demonstrate fluency in English and pass an examination on basic American civics and history”.

“The country is changing and not for the good“, he said. She prefers Trump’s view. He mentioned Trump’s “odd” advice that he not speak Spanish to a group of Florida school children. “I’m my own person”. That’s more than the 0.4 million raised during the same time by outside groups supporting 10 other Republicans still in the race.

Bush showed a professional interest in other cultures from a young age, majoring in Latin American studies at the University of Texas at Austin before going on to work for three years in the banking sector in Venezuela.


Yet Bush used the term “anchor babies”, to describe infants whose parents come to the United States specifically so they are born in the United States and granted automatic citizenship as the Constitution dictates. The most recent CNN/ORC poll puts him in fifth place, with just 9 percent support.

Jeb Bush