Jeb Bush Suggests Hillary Clinton’s ‘Political Machine’ Behind Ad Targeting

Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks during the Women In Business and Leadership luncheon at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, Monday, September 21, 2015, in Houston.


He also defended his brother’s legacy as president after attacked by Trump during the republican presidential debate, saying “he kept us safe”, according to New York Magazine.

“No hope without our vote”, the protesters shouted.

Holding up a sign that showed Bush taking selfies with Hispanic students juxtaposed with another of him giving a low-five to Donald Trump, the protesters said they wanted the real Jeb Bush to stand up.

“The USHCC does not protest, especially against candidates that have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the Hispanic community”, the statement reads. “Here’s what I believe: As I’ve been consistently for the DREAM Act kids to get a path to citizenship, I’ve been consistently for it, and I’ll continue to be consistently for it, irrespective of what the political ramifications of that are”.

“If one of the candidates for president was looking how to make America great again, just hold up high the examples of Hispanic Latina successful businesswomen”, he said, echoing Trump’s campaign slogan.

It was not the first time an interruption had led Bush to declare his support for immigration reform.

One of Jeb Bush’s root challenges as a presidential candidate is, rightly or wrongly, his last name.

But we don’t need to build a wall.

He said he was for an immigration overhaul, which “apparently is somewhat out of the mainstream now in my party”. “That would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, that’s not a conservative plan”, said Bush to huge applause.

Instead he advocates for the chance to earn legal status.

And Bush shared his wife’s story of becoming an American citizen – a point that Trump has criticized in the past. “We thank Governor Bush for addressing our members, and look forward to our other planned engagements with candidates from both parties”.

Once the protests died down, Bush continued with a jab at Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, with whom he’s sparred repeatedly over immigration.


In another allusion to Trump, Bush lamented how some in his own party have come to resemble President Obama, a “gifted man” who has “used his talents to divide”. Though Bush refers to the group as part of Clinton’s “political machine”, the group is not associated with her campaign.

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