Jeb Bush unveils energy policy at Canonsburg campaign stop

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants to limit energy regulations and lift restrictions on natural gas exports.


Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign confirmed Monday it will drop millions on television ads in the early voting states at the start of next year, when voters begin to pay more attention to the upcoming primaries and caucuses.

By taking credit for the short-term economic gains he’s predicting will come with increased fossil fuel production but ignoring the many, many, many economic and social costs of climate change that such production will exacerbate-from infrastructure damage caused by increasingly extreme weather to more heat-related deaths-Bush is effectively offering up a business plan that lists all the expected revenues while intentionally leaving out a large chunk of the expenses.

“The damaging effect such heavy-handed regulation has, not only on energy security but on American households, is largely hidden to the average consumer”, Bush said.

“We’re in a really good spot, we want to peak at the right time“, Barbour said.

A federal export ban has curtailed the shipment of oil and gas overseas since the 1970s, a policy Mr Bush decried.

But there was little in his remarks to please environmentalists, who were often at odds with Mr. Bush’s brother, former President George W. Bush.

Bush, one of about a dozen GOP White House hopefuls, is pushing his energy initiatives as a key element of his program to create 4 percent growth in the US economy as opposed to what he called “the new normal” goal of 2 percent a few political leaders espouse.

“Our children and young people are the ones being sold out by a policy like that”, said Aaron Jacobs-Smith, a lawyer for the Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council.

Bush supports completion of the pipeline, a popular rallying cry for Republican voters.

So far the Bush team appears not to understand what’s happening, and why they can’t get any traction. “Well I won’t be pressured; I will support the XL pipeline and it will make sense for our country and it will create jobs”.

And of course, NextEra Energy Inc., the company that owns Florida utility giant Florida Power and Light, is a donor to both Bush’s campaign and the super PAC. “Some new rules, such as overwriting state and tribal standards for hydraulic fracturing operations, directly discourage investment in domestic oil and gas operations”. “For instance, unless it is quickly addressed by the courts, in the near-term, Obama’s carbon rule will increase electricity prices for everyone and threaten the system’s reliability”. “This must change. Washington should generally defer to the will of states and tribes”.


Instead, the post focuses on Clinton, who made her first major break with the President while on the campaign trail by disagreeing with Obama’s decision to allow Arctic drilling. “Their citizens and leaders are best able to weigh the benefits and costs of oil and gas development”.

20150929MWHbushLocal19-16 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush shakes hands with petroleum engineer Ryan Rice during a campaign event at Rice Energy in Canonsburg