Jeb Bush: We Won’t Offer Blacks Any More “Free Stuff”

An audience member at the East Cooper Republican Women’s Club annual Shrimp Dinner asked Bush about black voters, “How are you going to include them and get them to vote for you?”


Perhaps, facing a prolonged dip in the polls, Bush is turning back into his 1994 form, because yesterday he said that in order to attract black voters to the GOP he said the party shouldn’t promise them “free stuff”. “Our message is one that is uplifting – that says you can achieve earned success”, Bush said.

“Our message is one of hope and aspiration”, said Bush.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) is releasing a series of energy proposals next week, according to Bloomberg. Asked by reporters about Trump requesting visas to hire foreign workers for seasonal jobs at his Mar-A-Lago real estate in Florida, Bush simply replied: “He’s a hypocrite”.

Do you agree with the American Bridge about Bush’s intent?

Bush didn’t specify what, exactly, constitutes “free stuff” – it’s a question I hope he’ll answer soon – but given his broader national platform, he’s likely referring to benefits such as access to basic medical care, a public school system, and a safety net to bolster families that fall on hard times. Republicans get 4 to 7 percent of the African-American vote for president.

Bush was merely expressing a long-held belief that immigrants and refugees need to assimilate and that countries permitting “multiculturalism” can suffer from a lack of unity among people.

Former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina, who at last week’s Republican debate gave the type of strong anti-abortion message that social conservatives want to hear, will be in the early voting state of Iowa instead. The next day, Bush insulted black voters by saying that they’ve been lured to the Democratic Party merely by the promise of “free things”.

The derisive mention of “free stuff” also evokes the remarks of the most recent Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, during the 2012 campaign. “I just wanted to welcome him to the area and I am pleased to see a candidate make the rounds, if you will, and talk to locals”.

Bush was supposed to be the candidate who renounced that approach to blacks and Latinos.

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush will be at Southpointe II Tuesday afternoon to reveal his national energy plan. Republicans on the stump purposely paint us as shiftless, lazy scroungers, because they themselves think in a shiftless and lazy way.

Multiculturalism: The preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.


“How are you going to win people’s votes if your introduction to them is “all you folks want is free stuff”?”