Jen Welter to walk Floyd Mayweather to ring

He is aiming to defeat Andre Berto and chalk one more point to his unbeaten record and bring it to 49-0, according to Bloody Elbow. If Berto hurts Mayweather and if he wins at least three of the first six rounds of the fight, then you can bet that Mayweather will make adjustments to get on his bike and start moving a lot.


Mayweather’s crude antagonism of those who resent his fortune will undo his fortune soon enough, as everyone knows, and then what will linger are the aesthetic judgments adults should have levied against him all along: Floyd’s promotional schtick is, like his fighting style, insipid.

To his credit, Floyd Mayweather has somehow convinced fans to take pride in how much money HE has.

That statement especially applies to those who have somehow talked themselves into accepting the upcoming September 12 Floyd Mayweather-Andre Berto bout as anything other than a steaming turd crammed into their grilled cheese sandwich.

However, with the latest developments within the two fighters’ camps and their declared plans, the chances of a rematch between arguably the best boxers in their generation are getting more and more unlikely as the days pass.

He said: “I’m the best shape I’ve ever been in”.

Mayweather’s unanimous decision May 2 victory over Pacquiao in what proved to be the biggest moneymaking fight of all time was widely derided as “boring”.

“I think Berto will probably give a better fight than Pacquiao because didn’t do nothing at all because he wanted to make up excuses”, Mayweather Sr. said in an Inquirer report quoting a interview. Floyd a defensive coach, and he does not like to see his son Mayweather Jr. take needless punishment just so that he can entertain the boxing fans and try for a knockout. In May, Khan outpointed former junior welterweight titlist Chris Algieri in a fight that was again supposed to be a tuneup for a possible Mayweather shot. “I prepare myself for it and you can’t go into the situation thinking about the critics”, Berto explained during a recent conference call to promote the fight. I can’t see Mayweather walking away and ending his career on a loss. Mayweather is Berto’s superior in nearly every category with the exception of power.

Many can remember Mayweather Jr. arriving at his boxing practice, flaunting the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita he recently purchased.

Should Berto actually win, it would be one of the greatest upsets in the sport’s history. And even then, you wonder how much of Berto’s power was lost when he had shoulder surgery in 2013.


Mayweather pulled off the unthinkable in his first pay-per-view main event: He forced boxing’s most relentless warrior to quit.

Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto