Jennifer Aniston’s Emirates Ad Reminds Us That Flying Coach Is Miserable

Jennifer Aniston Emirates’ ad teaser was revealed in Twitter yesterday in the airlines official account.


The Hollywood actress showcases her impeccable comedic timing in the light-hearted ad which opens with her looking frantically for the on-board shower and lounge but being mocked and ridiculed by the cabin crew.

“Well, I’m going to look pretty silly dressed like this going to the bar”, Aniston responds, flashing the type of humor that made her a star on the 1990s hit sitcom “Friends“.

Kidman’s presence triggered a backlash among the USA flight attendants union, which claimed the Gulf carriers were well known for their discriminatory treatment of female crew.

After replying that “This is not an Emirates plane”, the flight attendants proceed to laugh mockingly at her apparently ridiculous requests.

But luckily for Jennifer, it was all just a bad dream as the clip then cuts to her waking up in her lavish private suite within the First Class cabin.

“It was such a nightmare”, she moans.

Translation: Emirates is so much better than USA carriers.

The USA airlines allege that their Gulf rivals receive unfair state aid that allows them to add flights to the US at a rate that outstrips demand.

The Middle East Three have said that if US airlines were so concerned about their growth, they should tend more to their level of service.

Emirates has signed up Jennifer Aniston to front its latest global advertising push.

“We couldn’t think of anyone better suited for the role and we wrote the script with her in mind”. And Australian carrier Qantas – which has a deep partnership with Emirates – has recently brought on actor Hugh Jackman as its own brand ambassador.


Speaking of promoting the airline, it turns out this first ad is part of a $5 million endorsement deal that was announced back in August.

Jennifer Aniston's new Emirates advert basically reminds us how poor we are