Jeremy Corbyn nuclear stance is defended by Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock

Earlier, in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Labour leader said he would not use Britain’s nuclear weapons if he were prime minister.


The Labour leader also confirmed rumours that he gave his first conference speech as party leader wearing a borrowed tie.

In May’s general election, Labour lost 40 seats in Scotland as the SNP secured 56 of the 59 contested Scottish constituencies.

With opinion polls showing Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP well ahead in the run-up to next year’s Holyrood elections, he said the party was focusing on that vote as it attempts to rebuild.

For us on the moderate left it will be a long exile, and a time for solidarity with British Jewry in all its political diversity.

“My personal view is that we need to have a nuclear deterrent and I will be arguing that point very forcefully within the Labour Party“.

Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn is “one of us” and “passionate”, but needs to talk more about the economy and immigration, according to a Croydon focus group.

Corbyn’s victory has energized the Labour Party, which, as its name suggests, is rooted in promoting the right of working class people. All of them deserve equal protection. We were the ones who put that on the agenda.

The Islington MP is trying to dispel worries raised by ex-Scottish leader Johann Lamont, who branded the operation a “branch office” with senior figures in Westminster pulling the strings.

Lord West said he hoped Mr Corbyn would discuss the issue with him. Unlike pre-decessors such as Tony Blair, he vowed that neither he, his shadow cabinet nor Labour MPs would “impose policy or have a veto” on what the membership decides.

On Monday night at the Labour party conference, Jeremy made a firm commitment to be in Scotland at least once a month, and I believe this will resonate well with the people of Scotland, as well as the people of the Borders.

He is not going to be an autocratic leader, but he will continue to campaign on the issues that matter to him.

But with the transformation of Corbyn from an obscure backbencher to the leader of the opposition, police chiefs are potentially facing more embarrassment.

“Kez has said she wants to make absolutely clear what the Labour Party stand for and who we stand with”.


He also argued across the United Kingdom, Labour had offered voters “a policy of austerity light”. “That is a quarter of our defence budget”, he said. If every child in Scotland has the best possible start in life, then the opportunities in front of them will be limitless. ‘We did have one of these younger Eds before, but I think we were using it all wrong, ‘ said one backbencher known only as “YC”.

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