Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd Combine For A Disastrous Interview

Jim Harbaugh might not have remembered much about Connor Murphy when he baby-sat the youngster six years ago while recruiting his older brother, Trent Murphy, to Stanford University.


Eventually, Cowherd got exhausted of trying and, rather than saying goodbye to Harbaugh, he ended the interview abruptly and put everyone out of their misery.

Cowherd: i want to find out…i’m a player right now and i want to play for a bunch of schools. i’m listening to jim harbaugh. i want to play for jim.

” “There was misunderstanding early in the discussion when Cowherd asked if Harbaugh would “buy” the conference “” referring to a stock but not expressly stating that “” while Harbaugh heard “bye,” which would imply he was asked to denigrate it.

The best part has to be that even on the baseball diamond, Harbaugh is still sporting his classic khaki trousers look.

CC: I’m just asking open-ended questions and you have not much to say!

After finally putting an end to the brutal interview, Cowherd fired a shot at Michigan.

First, here’s the long interview I did with him for my inaugural podcast last February. I’m a Harbaugh fan.

Did Harbaugh come off badly in this interview? ‘Cause I bring all these coaches on and I want the guy!

“Future of the Big Ten”, Cowherd said. This is just not working. “I tried to be Mark Fidrych”.

Update: Harbaugh has now Tweeted out that he was 50 percent guilty for this “clunker”. In this specific interview, Cowherd didn’t – possibly because Cowherd started the process with a question Harbaugh likely regarded as an attempted haymaker, “When are you at your least intense?” I don’t listen to Cowherd, and I’m talking about him.


He coaches football. He doesn’t answer gauzy, speculative questions. It should surprise nobody then that Harbaugh’s interview with Cowherd was quite awkward. For now, here is what Harbaugh had to say. Total softballs. But the new Michigan coach simply would not take the bat from his shoulder.