Jimmy Fallon chips tooth, but promises new ‘Tonight Show’ episode

Jimmy Fallon is having a tough summer. This time, it’s his tooth!


On June 26, the 40-year-old Tonight Show host tripped and fell, catching his ring on a table and almost ripping off his finger.

“The fall was amusing”, Fallon admitted during the July 13 broadcast. “I’m a comedian so I have to fall amusing”, he said.

The American famous TV host Jimmy Fallon should definitely take care of himself and stop messing with things around as again after having a finger injury he has now chipped his tooth.

Not to mention Fallon nearly had to have his finger amputated!

Well at least there’s a new Tonight Show!

Clearly, Fallon’s sense of humor overpowers unfortunate events that happen to him, as he still had the wit to end his Instagram caption with the hashtag #BestSummerEver.


The 42-year-old America’s Got Talent judge recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she gushed over one particular contestant. Due to the massive success of his first year taking over the iconic late-night position, NBC announced last week that his hosting contract has been extended for six more years.

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