Jindal, Trump trade barbs during Reagan Library debates

“He doesn’t just say it and forget about it. Carly Fiorina, she’s a “yes” person”, Sorensen said. Trump said in an interview with Rolling Stone, which he later said was meant in reference to Fiorina’s “persona”. “Carly Fiorina is a waste of breath”.


John Curley: The victor was Carly, with 21 points.

“I thought I’d wait a couple of days before I expose her business failure”, Trump said. You gave her some attractive softballs.

TT: That’s a problem. It’s hard to watch 10 people on stage attacking him for three hours.

The audience was also a little lower than it was last month for the first GOP debate in Cleveland.

To this statement about the notorious Planned Parenthood video.

Sorensen accused Fiorina of mismanaging the company, sending stock prices tumbling and, with it, taking almost $500,000 Sorensen said she had invested as part of a retirement plan. This woman, Sarah Kliff from Vox Policy and Politics said they’ve looked at every second of the video and it’s not there…

In a combative atmosphere, the four were split over the case of Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples due to her Christian faith. “What are we going to do to be a leader in the world”. Who won in this one? Was it the Republicans or the women?

DT: “Well, I have to tell you I hear phenomenal things, I hear your wife is a lovely woman”. We’re talking about policies. Just as many (53%) believe Fiorina will not go all the way.

JC: It would not even be a contest. He suggested the viewers at home, who’ve been “plowed over by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton“, couldn’t care less about their resumes.

After Trump called George W. Bush’s administration a “disaster”, Bush defended his brother, telling the billionaire, “He kept us safe”. And they want to be president?

Bush replied: “Ever-ready. It’s very high energy, Donald“. “We know our current president is one”.

TT: I feel sorry for Jeb… Interestingly, Jeb Bush is far down the list in this new Rasmussen poll.

“I was really impressed with a lot of the comments“.

JC: No. No way.

You can see the results of the NBC poll here. Together, these two non-politicians now hold the support of a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, and separately, both are significantly ahead of all other competitors.


Fiorina, like nine others on the stage Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, entered the debate trailing front-runner Donald Trump by a wide margin in most polls.

Rising in polls, Fiorina courts women at GOP gathering