John Kasich: GOP made mistake in proposing to ‘kill’ Education Department

“Pro-life voters, especially most Republican primary voters, do not accept Roe as the law of the land”. His recent surge in the polls is pointed out as the reason Walker is falling in Iowa, despite his next-to-home-state advantage.


About the best you can say is that of the four, John Kasich travelled the road to fiscal perdition at a slightly slower pace than did his Big Government Republican colleague, Jeb Bush.

APRepublican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, August 6, 2015, in Cleveland.

The Republican anti-teacher mission reemerged in the public mind after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that teachers’ unions deserve a “political punch in the face”. While Christie’s campaign is treading water, Kasich is gaining ground here.

Quinnipiac poll results for Florida show Trump leading with 21 percent of the vote with native sons Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio splitting the vote with Bush coming in second with 17 percent and Rubio tied for third with Ben Carson with 11 percent.

So what happened? Kasich says his views on certain issues have “evolved“, the standard answer most candidates give when faced with a flip-flop. “He’s inclusive, he’s open and highly practical, and a successful governor”. “Those are the only two Democrats that I would vote for”, he said, forgetting what the mayor’s name is.

Kasich has spent much of his time on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, securing key endorsements from across the state, including from members of the Thomson and Sununu families.

And – again – Kasich’s not king.

“I’m a conservative with conservative principles, but you just can’t do it alone”, he told people when discussing immigration reform, highlighting the need to bring Republicans and Democrats together, rather than heading toward a strictly partisan approach. This is a departure from precedent, because the previous governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, had issued an executive order during his tenure that protected state employees from discrimination on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity. “Do they have some bad apples?”

And Kasich apparently sees this as a problem – not the threat of lost benefits and pay cuts, but rather, the fact that teachers have these “negative” conversations, driven by “the unions”.

Us hoi polloi can go pound salt, as far as Kasich is concerned, because while his country club buddies enjoy their $5,000 tax cuts, income taxes in Ohio on the lowest bracket have gone up by as much as $300 annually. Kasich is a conservative.

Many of Kasich’s opponents have backed off initial openness to Common Core, but Kasich has been a supporter from the beginning.


He did consider running for Governor of Alabama after all. Because you know what?

Image:Ohio Gov. and presidential hopeful John Kasich