John Kerry optimistic about Congress support for Iran n

Plus, the deal provides a glide-path for Iran to go nuclear in a decade or so, even without cheating.


It also lifted requirements to report the transport of Iranian crude oil and petroleum products, as well as insurance policies taken out in connection with such transactions.

President Kennedy had broad based support for his effort, unlike today where opposition is fierce against the nuclear agreement with Iran, mostly coming from Republicans and now some key Democrats, who have signaled their opposition to the agreement. “But many countries are ‘chafing” under the present worldwide financial arrangements, referring to the discomfort faced by many U.S. allies with regard to sanctions on Iran.

While he said the U.S. would have to guard against short-term threats from Iran, he added, “it’s possible that, by 2031, Iran may no longer be controlled by hard-liners determined to harm our interests”.

Last week, two New Yorkers, Sen.

“That is a recipe very quickly, my friends, businesspeople here, for the American dollar to cease to be the reserve currency of the worldwhich is already bubbling out there”, Kerry said Tuesday at a Reuters event in New York.

“We believe that Congress should vote no”, said Anita Gray, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

“From what I’ve seen so far, this appears to be the best option from preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon”, Franken said last month. And if the deal is rejected by America the Iranians could have a nuclear weapon within a year.

The Obama administration is concerned that Iran will increase backing for terrorism and other disruptive activities in the wake of the nuclear deal, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz said in an address to American Jews.

President Barack Obama has promised to use his veto powers to override a rejection of the deal by Congress.

He said that European governments could walk away from the U.S.-led sanctions strategy against Russian Federation, that the United States and Israel would have no support for military action against Iran, if such action were necessary, and that the U.S. dollar would lose its status as the reserve currency of the world.

Critics were quick to throw water on that argument, saying it was an exaggeration on Kerry’s part and likely driven by the intense politics surrounding the Iran deal.


Chuck Schumer, must answer is this: What is the realistic, plausible alternative to JCPOA that will achieve the same goal, short of going to war? On Saturday, 29 of the nation’s top nuclear scientists and Nobel laureates, including physicist Richard L. Garwin, who helped design the world’s first hydrogen bomb, wrote to Mr. Obama in support of the agreement with Iran, calling it “an innovative agreement, with much more stringent constraints than any previously negotiated non-proliferation framework”.

Iranian-Americans forge a rare bond to support nuclear deal