John McEnroe: I could beat Serena Williams

He revealed, however, that not all the McEnroes were so confident that he could beat the women’s world number one.


Serena is considered by many as the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Appearing on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, seven-time grand slam champion/56-year-old John McEnroe shared he thinks he could now win a match against 33-year-old Serena Williams, who could become the first player to complete a calendar grand slam in 27 years with a US Open title next month.

This is so ridiculous that the asking of this particular question must have been planned in advance, knowing precisely how McEnroe would respond.

He also manages to get a mention of Donald Trump trying to organise a clash of the two tennis greats around 15 years ago into the conversation as well.

“I felt like [the offer] was not enough”, he said, adding that he believes Trump was just “humoring the two of us”. But not in terms of his tennis ability.


Apparently they nearly played (and he thinks he could still beat her if they ever do.). I would think that Serena would wipe the floor with the old man, but…would she? “If I lose, to God forbid, to a women then I’m not allowed into any men’s locker room for the next 15 years, or possibly the end of my life”.

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