John Oliver Says He ‘Couldn’t Give Less Than AS***’ About Donald Trump

Tuesday night Stephen Colbert had on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and while he got in some good pot shots he mostly pulled his punches – especially compared to Colbert’s entirely fair, skewering of Ted Cruz Monday night.


The First Lady recalled her own education in the South Side of Chicago (she even shared an adorable picture of herself in Kindergarten) and urged that we, “don’t take for granted the education we have here”.

Colbert played along and told her she didn’t have the security clearance to do that. “I can’t open my windows”, the First Lady said.

When asked about the risk of picking a single subject to focus on, the British comedian admitted that if “you said what the subject was of our show to someone it would sound badly . You have a place on your site for suggestions”, Colbert corrected, noting that’s where he got the list of suggestions.

Obama said one day her lead agent let her open the window in the auto when they were five minutes out from Camp David as a “special treat”. “Plus, things like open a window”.

“I didn’t say it. I’m just sitting here”, Obama said, demonstrating her diplomatic skill. He can be as lighthearted as Fallon, he has oodles more charisma than Meyers, and God help us all with James Corden.

While Obama protested, “That wasn’t me!”

“I want to go to Target!” she exclaimed, clenching her hands in frustration.

COLBERT (not missing a beat): I think he does. “I couldn’t give less of a s***”, says Oliver.



Taking a break from the action at the United Nations she was promoting her “Let Girls Learn” campaign. While speaking at the concert on Saturday, she called on social media users to share a selfie using the hashtag #62MillionGirls, along with a caption describing what they learned in school.

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