Judge in Holmes case says prison it not a hotel

And he noted the trial was fair, even if some victims were disappointed that Holmes didn’t get the death penalty. And he said no words could adequately capture the continuing horror from Holmes’ “evil” act in July 2012 that killed 12 people and injured 70. She went to the theater with her best friend, cradling her when she was shot. He recalled his granddaughter, 6-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan, as a sweet, sensitive, angelic and innocent little girl who “has and will always remain in those hallowed reaches in my heart and mind”.


A few called on Holmes, a once-promising neuroscience graduate student, to make something of his life in prison that could help prevent future attacks.

Despite hearing from all of Holmes’ family members, and more evidence of mental illness and schizophrenia put forth by the defense in phase two, the jury did not find mitigating circumstances of the murder outweighed the aggravating factors.

“I am not proud I didn’t know more about mental illness”.

“We are unable to visit our loved ones, and unable to hug them, give a kiss, hold their hand”, she said in the statement, which was read by a prosecutor. She added that she is now always cautious and aware of her surroundings, “but no person should ever have to feel like that”. Prosecutors have said the jury was divided on the sentence, with 11 favouring death and one favouring life without parole.

Two surprises preceded the end of the working day in Arapahoe County court Tuesday: Attorneys for the Aurora movie theater gunman announced they would not seek an appeal and the killer’s mother delivered an unexpected apology on behalf of her son.

Samour said the jurors did their jobs, and that justice means giving the facts to a jury and accepting their decision.

“Imagine telling your child that monsters are real and not to be afraid of the dark when you’re scared of the dark yourself”, said another survivor, Stephanie Davies, who has an 8-month-old son.

“I do hope that the maximum penalty will be imposed against James Eagan Holmes for the crimes he committed against humanity”, said Carli Richards, who was wounded in the shooting.

Victims and survivors of the shooting testified during the four-month trial.

Witness testifying Monday included Aurora Police Cmdr.

The judge in the Colorado theater shooting case has given a spirited rebuttal to victims who complained in recent days that James Holmes will get a cushy life behind bars.

In 2012, Holmes admitted not guilty by reason of insanity to killing 12 and injuring 70 after ripping hundreds of bullets into an unsuspecting movie audience.

Holmes will also have an opportunity to speak, though he declined to do so during his trial. Now that he has been convicted, he is not permitted to wear regular clothes.

Holmes’ sentencing hearing was largely symbolic but gave scores of victims an unprecedented chance to vent their feelings to the judge. Jurors already determined Holmes will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole.


About 100 victims are expected to testify at this hearing.

James Holmes trial slated to begin Monday