July 20 marks 46 years for First moon landing

Fellow crew member Michael Collins orbited high overhead in the Command Module Columbia. It was created by combing the first syllables from the names of all three Apollo astronauts – Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. Like a proper test pilot, he took over from the computers and put the Eagle down safely, with 25 seconds’.


Lest we chalk this up to an earlier, less-green moment in history, astronauts and cosmonauts today continue to practice what amounts to littering in space.

The first time Neil Armstrong step on the moon was the most important and significant achievement science made in the twentieth century.

In 1961, during the Cold War, President John F. Kennedy addressed Congress to share his vision of space exploration for the United States. The photos of the landing were broadcast to 600 million individuals on Earth, even if a good number of technical difficulties were experienced. Their mission, called Apollo 11, was to land the module on the surface of the moon, a feat that no other human had ever done before.

Moon Landing – Apollo 11 ” OK, i´m going to step off the LEM (Lunar Module) now.

The astronauts collected some lunar soil samples, installed the US Flag and took an image of planet Earth. “July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind”.

The campaign begins Monday, marking 46 years since Armstrong’s moonwalk in 1969.


In a depressing alternate reality, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin successfully landed on the moon only to get stuck there after a critical equipment failure.

Apollo 11