Justin Bieber talks about depression

The conversation reads like a twisted version of “Who’s On First?”, though also ensures you’ll never forget the name of Bieber’s new single, so that’s something.


Bieber’s good deeds on Ryan Seacrest’s feel-good reality series include escorting a teen fan named Ashley to her quinceañera.

When pressed by Seacrest to explain the song’s meaning, Selena Gomez’s ex replied, “Girls are often just flip floppy”. So, do they end up telling Bieber what they mean when he asks?

The video is worth a watch just for little Noah’s performance, but I would avoid watching it in public – unless you’re comfortable weeping openly.

Bieber has been hard at work on his new album and admitted that sometimes the writing and recording process gets to him.

Additionally, Justin spoke about what he’s been doing in the studio as of late, and confessed he gets in head a lot and “depressed”. “I want people to love it. I want to inspire people”, Justin said, before discussing the sometimes paralyzing self-doubt he’s faced during the artistic process.

“Well you are the princess and I will be your prince charming whenever you want”, the famous singer responded.

‘Justin Bieber’s music is really what got Ashley through this, ‘ she revealed; tellingly, the song she listened to in particular was Pray. So…what do you mean? Going to release the album, and obviously go out to see your fans!

Fans of Skrillex and Diplo could also enjoy the Bieb’s new album, as he’s now collaborating with them. “It’s really uplifting, clear, poppy, but cool”, Bieber said. Seacrest stated that Beckham wanted to honor a hardworking family just like his own.


Despite featuring pop star Justin Bieber on its second episode, “Knock Knock Live” dropped a huge 16.7% in the advertiser-coveted 18 to 49-year-old demographic and 8.6% in total viewers.

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