Kaine may give Democrats an edge in swing-state Virginia

Kaine has been reaching out to Southern voters this week, campaigning in Florida on Tuesday and Virginia on Monday.


Kaine’s rise through Richmond city politics and tenure in state government gives the Democratic Party disproportionate pull, specifically in the politically dynamic capital city metro area of Richmond.

Virginia is also considered a swing state, one of ten the two campaigns are likely to focus on between now and election day.

“America gets to choose between whether it wants a “You’re hired” president or a “You’re fired” president”, Kaine said, echoing Trump’s signature line from his old reality TV show, “The Apprentice”. Police say that if you’re planning on coming, your best bet is getting there early.

Kaine, who introduced Clinton in Philadelphia, described the former secretary of state as someone who “knows how to battle and get things done for regular people”.

“I shook hands with him…and I told him Virginia contigo…si se puede”, one man originally from Cuba said.

After addressing his hometown, Kaine shifted to taking and promoting his running mate, Hillary Clinton.

“Lt. Governor Tim Kaine wouldn’t recognize the Tim Kaine running with Hillary Clinton”, Whitbeck said. Its import has only grown since, fueled by the outrageous attacks of Trump himself, who both implied that the speech was written by the Clinton campaign (it wasn’t) and that Ghazala’s onstage silence was mandated by her faith (it wasn’t). “I live in northern Virginia, she was on campus in Blacksburg; we were beside ourselves”.

Kaine covered the calls for investments in everything from airports to renewable energy, college support, technical training, apprenticeship programs, support for labor, increased minimum wage, pay equity, and tax increases for big corporations and the wealthiest Americans that Clinton proposed.

“Barack Obama came to Texas four years ago, eight years ago”, he said.

In 2011, Kaine said he thought the sale “was a very good deal”.

Responding to reports that Trump kicked a crying baby out of a rally in Northern Virginia, Kaine said: “Sometimes you wonder who the baby is”.

Kaine, however, said the real problem is Trump, and noted that the Republican Convention in Cleveland “looked like Batman 5, it was such a twisted view of everything”.

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence also held his own rally in Reno, Nevada on Monday.


If elected, Kaine said, Clinton would be a “families and kids first” president, and Trump would be a “me first” president. This latter claim was later demolished by Ghazala, who spoke forcefully during an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, and also penned a Washington Post editorial declaring: “Donald Trump said I had nothing to say. I do”.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speaks at Daytona State College on Tuesday Aug. 2 2016