Kane prosecutor: Bag find was a lie

Kane’s DNA was found under his accuser’s fingernails and in the bite marks, sources close to the investigation told reporters.


“A rape kit is a box”, he said. Authorities have said only that they are investigating.

During Wednesday’s press conference, attorney Thomas Eoannou presented a brown bag that was alleged to have contained the victim’s rape kit.

Kane also thanked his family, his girlfriend and the fans for supporting him, and he even added a “congratulations” to the Cubs for clinching the playoff berth Friday night.

“I can only say that I don’t know what’s true and what’s not true”, said Eoannou.

“It could have been there a day and a half”, he said, because the woman used the back door when she left for work that morning. “All we know is that the rape kit bag, which has been authenticated, ended up on the doorstep of the victim’s mother’s house”. The examining nurse gave the mother the bag after learning the accuser changed her top before going to the hospital, Sedita said.

“We’re hoping to find out how this happened and who had the incentive to modify or tamper with the evidence”, he said. “This is a rape kit”, Sedita said, holding up a box.

Hamburg Police promised to cooperate in any investigation, but stood by its handling of evidence.

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Sedita said his investigators learned over the last 48 hours that the bag is actually a hospital bag given to the mother of the alleged victim at Erie County Medical Center. (Which conveniently saved the Kings Voynov’s $4.2 million salary-cap hit.) Critics may note that Kane’s case is different because he hasn’t been formally charged with a crime. The Niagara Falls Reporter went with this headline: “DNA Tests on Kane’s Accuser Come Up Positive for Others, Not Kane”.

“Only someone who is unhappy with the DNA results would have a motivation to claim that it’s compromised”, Cambria told The Associated Press.

The woman’s mother declined an interview request Thursday night after Eoannou said he was quitting the case.

On Friday, when asked when a grand jury might hear the case, Sedita responded: “The question in my mind is not when this case will go to a grand jury, it’s if it will go to a grand jury”.

Sedita called the public airing of allegations, counter-allegations and just plain speculation “a circus”, “nuts”, “bizarre” – “I started getting all these e-mails and tweets … it’s breaking into the football game [Patriots vs Bills]”. Quenneville said Rozsival is questionable to doubtful to play in the regular-season opener.


As for support, Kane said he’s had plenty. “It’s business as usual, going into the game”.

Patrick Kane facing sexual assault accusations