Kansas City missed the bus; Obama joined education bus tour hours later

Arne Duncan is in Indiana today on the Department of Education’s annual bus tour.


Arne Duncan arrived at Cincinnati State Thursday afternoon, September 17.

Duncan said the question he’s asking himself is how to “take back some of the magic here and help other schools do similar things”.

Duncan and students also discussed the need to increase accessibility to information about the existence of these programs nationwide.

In the Williamsfield School District, textbooks are history. This position will help more schools launch their own transition to OER and follow in the footsteps of Williamsfield community.

Manar has sponsored a bill in the state Senate that would allocate “primary aid” to districts based on how much revenue they get from property taxes, drastically affecting property-rich districts such as Champaign or in the Chicago suburbs.

Duncan plans to highlight Jeffersontown High on how the school is bridging the gap between high school, college and the work world.

But Duncan says the national government has a role to play in keeping states accountable and education requirements high.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s an absolute shame”.

“It’s so important that we tell the truth to parents and to students about are they on track to be successful in college or not”, Duncan says. “There are so many, many states that do a better job of this than Illinois”. “Secondly, this law has to maintain its focus on equity in working to make sure all students, especially disadvantaged students, have a real chance to get a great education”.

The school has about one black student for every 22 white students, and President Daniels has said one reason Purdue wants to open an Indianapolis charter school is because many black students who apply to Purdue don’t meet the academic criteria the school wants. He says young inventors and thinkers like the 14-year-old need support, not suspicion.


“I would have started a little earlier”, he said.

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