Kasich says he believes in traditional marriage, but would love his kids

There are plenty of shopping days left, but a lot to sort through with 17 announced candidates.


Before then and since the announcement, he has made trips to New Hampshire, site of the first presidential primary next year. She joined a group of Medina Republicans who traveled to Cleveland for the debate.

She said viewers should also be wary of candidates who change the subject of a question in midanswer. “We are all so happy to see him there”.

Among the top ten are Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and Ohio Governor John Kasich. He easily defeated Democrat Ed FitzGerald in that race and beat incumbent Ted Strickland in 2010.

Prestanski, who served as a Marine and now works on veterans issues, said Kasichs policies have helped veterans and that he offers a strong presidential resume with congressional, governing and business experience.

“It’s only fitting that this phase of the Republican presidential nomination begins in Ohio – the mother of presidents”.

The 63-year-old Kasich has campaigned on turning around Ohio’s economy, adding jobs and erasing a projected budget deficit that estimates put at between $7 billion and $8 billion. “But the downside of that is he has not used his position to defend it”. He said the expansion has been an important tool in fighting drug abuse and mental illness in Ohio.

“It tells me that he is a judicial supremacist and believes that the court has final say on all issues”. “It is not to transform the culture by trying out some ideas that some people think would make us a different country and more diverse”.

“I hear it”, Prestanksi said.

A separate debate, open to the seven other declared GOP candidates, is set for 5 p.m. Fox News said it averaged the rankings of five different national polls to determine the qualifiers. Marco Rubio and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He expects Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to be dining with the adults after his performance. They [GOP candidates] are all the same.

Kasich likely will use the occasion to tout his record in Congress and in the state of Ohio to a national audience.

Kasich responded that the former president and conservative icon expanded the program three or four times.

But not all states implemented the reforms.

“There is a better way to provide health care”, he said. And we did them.

Republicans’ decision to hold their convention here highlighted the importance of the state but was also a nod to the GOP’s need to pick up votes in more urban and ethnically diverse areas.

“They need to talk about their vision for America”. “This could be a savings to the taxpayer in the long run”.

Ray Warrick, the Warren County Republican Party chairman, said Trump’s poll support is “no mystery”, because it reflects restlessness within the party after Obama twice beat what Warrick considers “old-style Republican nominees”. He did not watch the early forum, but was planning to attend a Cleveland party with other Democrats for the main debate.

Warrick said there are several candidates hes interested in, particularly Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. “And if people have an opinion, as a religious opinion that is heartily felt, obviously they should go out and practice that, and no government should interfere with them”.


And what of the people of Cleveland, a Democratic, union-oriented stronghold that Republicans think is ripe for the taking?

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