Kate Winslet struggled with ‘ridiculous’ 12-hour shifts in ‘Steve Jobs’

By the way, I did not get paid for any of this – I did it because of my respect for Aaron’s work. Even by its surprisingly upbeat denouement, it’s way too late to ask if Steve Jobs is a full-bore promotion of Apple’s corporate philosophy: In 2015, no utterance of Jobs’s name in public can be mistaken for anything else. “That was the first thing I said to Danny. I disagree with nearly everything“, he opened his speech. Does it capture the Steve Jobs you know?


Walker’s respect for his fellow HR professionals is close to non-existing. And mind you, I have been following that group for 40 years now and not much has changed. They shouldn’t be sitting in an office, filling in forms and staring at their computer. Although, he also stated that he has not yet watched the film and he waits to see what sides of Jobs persona are showcased. “I use it pretty poorly. It was about the man and his relationship with these other people”. Steve Jobs was a not only a great leader, he was a hero of a leader.

WSJ reported Bill Campbell, who is the former board director of Apple Inc., said that an entire generation will face an impact if they see their sheer creative genius in a negative way.

The star went on to admit that he knew very little about Jobs before being offered the role: “I’m not very interested in technology”. “It’s about his daughter”, Scott tells The Daily Beast. On a sun-kissed Cupertino rooftop parking lot, with milliseconds between him and the iMac unveiling, Jobs’s mad rush to finally take responsibility for himself allows for the teasing of a yet-unseen new product: The now-teenage Lisa (played here by Perla Haney-Jardine) is more than jaded to her father’s overpromising, until he begins bellowing to her that he’ll find a way to “put five hundred or a thousand songs in your pocket”. “I needed to prioritize my family, but Steve and I continued talking and in a few way it felt as if I never left”.


While I think the facts of Jobs’ life are intriguing enough on their own, I also don’t have a problem with Aaron Sorkin aiming for a more impressionistic portrayal of events – so long as what comes out of it feels like a genuine portrayal of all involved. Another one said, “I think he said out loud what others may just be thinking”. “It’s Shakespearean, really.” Rogen invoked Andy Warhol’s interpretation of Marilyn Monroe to make his point that, “in the end, accuracy isn’t necessarily, creatively, the thing that portrays someone the best”.