Katy Perry fan GROPES singer’s boobies & kisses her on stage mid-performance

The fan, also a woman, was clearly psyched to be there and she proceeded to show it by kissing Katy on the neck. “We need a few water”, the 30-year-old joked.


Katy Perry, 30, gave one fan the opportunity of a lifetime when she invited her on stage in Rio de Janeiro on September 27.

The shock was evident on Perry’s face but she rolled with the punches, despite rumors that the fan was either overly intoxicated or on drugs.

Katy Perry once famously sang about kissing a girl and liking it, but that wasn’t quite the case when one female fan tried to get amorous with her.

And after telling the crowd, “I think she’s rolling!”, a couple of times, we just hope this poor girl won’t be getting into trouble with her mother over all this. To Perry’s credit, however, she was very sporting about the whole thing.

She attempted to shake off the incident, posing for a selfie with the girl, adding:”Ay-ay-ay-ay, you are high-igh-igh…”

At the end of the song, Perry sent the adoring fan away with a pat on the butt, which only prompted her to go back in for a final hug.

The exchange could have turned even more awkward if Katy wasn’t a people’s person as she clearly is. But the five nuns who live in the property say that Perry would be an unsuitable owner and want to sell it to businesswoman Dana Hollister instead. She immediately grabbed hold of Perry and started kissing her!


Watch the weird video above!

Katy Perry performs at Rock in Rio 2015