Katy Perry Has Up Close And Personal Encounter With ‘Rolling’ Fan

The fan, reportedly named Rayane, appeared to be intoxicated as she made her way up to the stage. The California-born star donned a silver, halterneck crop top featuring holographic detailing which glistened under the stage lights.


Mauricio Santana/Getty Images Katy Perry was kissed and grouped during her performance at the “Rock in Rio” festival in Brazil. So, she picked “the girl with the smiley face t***ies” and unwittingly entered into a four-minute PDA standoff with a girl who was, maybe, according to Katy Perry, possibly, rolling. But the five nuns who live in the property say that Perry would be an unsuitable owner and want to sell it to businesswoman Dana Hollister instead. It was still not clear if the nuns took up the Hollister offer.

Only Katy Perry’s brilliant sense of showmanship keeps the borderline sexual assault from descending into something truly ugly. The “Roar” singer is planning to retaliate and start the fireworks to re-ignite her long-running feud with the “Blank Space” singer.

The exchange could have turned even more awkward if Katy wasn’t a people’s person as she clearly is.


The same source also disclosed that Katy has already had the title “Crocodile Tears” registered.

Katy Perry is a good sport as she gets groped by overzealous fan on stage