Katy Perry writing DISS track for Taylor Swift? Crocodile Tears!

The insider said that Katy has been very restrained in what she’s been saying about Taylor Swift in public, but after hearing for herself the swipe against her on the song “Bad Blood“, she is ready to put her side out too via “Crocodile Tears” which is all about being a fake.


A source told The Sun: “Katy knew Diplo would be just the man to produce Crocodile Tears for her and has now registered it”.

Swift may soon have a pretty powerful friend in the White House, but Katy Perry couldn’t seem to care less. Granted, Perry has been rather quiet when it came to addressing her differences with the 25-year-old hitmaker, but with her fourth studio album now being in the works, the Teenage Dream singer will make sure to give Tay-Tay a taste of her own medicine.

Perhaps, Perry will soon even go so far as to throw her support behind Donald Trump’s campaign just to upset Swift and her new Presidential best bud. Instead of coming out in public, Taylor Swift released a diss song against Katy Perry, which is “Bad Blood“.

“Katy’s tentatively titled Crocodile Tears is a direct reply to Taylor’s claims that she tried to sabotage Taylor’s tour by hiring her backing dancers”.

And although it remains unclear whether the track will feature on the follow-up to the 30-year-old singer’s 2013 album Prism, she has vowed to release it at some point.

Fans are really savoring the music feud for as long as it stays on such level where their respective creativities are being maximized instead of merely working to discredit the other by words of mouth. And last month, while Swift and Nicki Minaj engaged in a quickly resolved Twitter feud, Perry jumped into the fray to seemingly shade Swift by noting how an unnamed individual “capitalizes on the take down of a woman”.


With Bernie Sanders running around picking up all the stragglers, Hillary Clinton needs all the help she can get getting the youth vote; thankfully Taylor Swift is here to save the day.

Is Katy Perry FINALLY reacting to Taylor Swift's Bad Blood song with a revenge