Keep Your Phone Safe This Festival Season

Festival season is now in full swing. From Glastonbury to Bestival, the summer is jam packed with cider, live music and outdoor action. But it is not only the mud and rain that may have you feeling a little stressed. Losing, breaking or having your mobile phone stolen whilst at a festival is more hassle than you need to think about.


Here are some top tips to make sure that you protect your phone this festival season.

Watch out for the toilets

It is no secret that the toilets at festivals are pretty grim. They are a much avoided talking point when reliving your festival highlights. But it is thought that nearly half of all water damaged phones are dropped down the toilet. And, whilst it might be easy to fish this out of your own toilet at home, a festival toilet is not something you want to get up close and personal with. Ask a friend to hold your phone when using the toilet. Or, make sure that it is neatly tucked away before embarking on the port-a-loo.

Keep them with you

Valuable items should be with you at all times when at a festival. Don’t leave money, your camera or phone in your tent when you are not in there. Make sure you have pockets or something with a zip. Bum bags are becoming fashionable again, apparently, so this could be a wise move.

Under lock and key

Back up your phone with all your data and numbers before the festival. That way, if your phone is lost or stolen you have a copy. Don’t leave important information such as your pin number on your phone. If you lose your bag with your phone and cards in then you have made it very easy for a clever thief.

With so much information on phones these days, from emails and social media, you could make it very easy for an identity thief to run off with all your details.

Insure your phone

Mobile phone insurance is not an unnecessary cost. And, as anyone who has ever lost or had a phone stolen, it is more valuable than you can imagine. You could have your new phone waiting at home for you by the time you get back from your festival.

Being sensible and including a little planning in your festival preparation will mean that your fun doesn’t have to be ruined. Don’t leave your items unattended. Many festivals have charging tents which enable you to charge your phone for free or for a small fee. Don’t be tempted to leave them in the hands of someone else. It may be boring, but you are better off waiting with your phone.

Have fun, but be cautious. Festivals are a time for fun and relaxation but they are sadly also a time for pick-pockets and for people who could make your festival experience extremely stressful.

Make sure you take out mobile phone insurance. It is far better to be safe than sorry.