Kerry: Rejecting the Iran deal could hurt the dollar

The U.S. dollar’s status as the global reserve currency could be in jeopardy if Congress moves to block a nuclear agreement with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday.


If Congress were to vote down the deal, he said, the United States would lose the moral high ground. The president has countered them with certitude and ad hominem attacks, the combined import of which is that there are no alternatives to his policy, that support for the deal is an obvious call and that almost anyone who suggests otherwise is motivated by politics or ideology.

Like many opponents of the deal – including most Republicans – Schumer, a staunch supporter of Israel, said the U.S. can get a better agreement.

By implication, Kerry doesn’t seem to the think that the IRGC considers the fatwa (assuming it is still operative or even exists) to be binding upon it – worrying, since the IRGC has extensive connections to Iran’s nuclear program. The Iran analysis has withstood such probing, officials say. If the administration maintains effective enforcement of its nuclear-related sanctions, along with enforcement of the primary and secondary aspects of the nonnuclear sanctions that will be unaffected by the Iran deal, European business leaders are ultimately unlikely to value the Iranian market more than the U.S. market, and much of the existing sanctions regime would stay in place.

As far as President Obama’s legacy goes, a successful deal that deters Iran from gaining nuclear weapons is an essential factor related to the Obama doctrine. “The United States is going to start sanctioning our allies and their banks and their businesses because we walked away from the deal, and we are going to force them to do what we want them to do even though they agreed to the deal we came to?”

Forty-three % of NYC voters stated that they oppose the Iranian nuclear deal, with exclusively 36 % saying they help it, within the ballot taken of 1,108 New York Metropolis voters from July 30 to August four.

It would be more honest, he contends, if his critics admit they don’t favor any diplomacy with Iran.

“You can squabble maybe with the choice of words”, Kerry said, when asked about Obama’s comments. Dick Durbin said backers of the Iran nuclear deal will “be in a strong position” to sustain President Obama’s anticipated veto of House and Senate action rejecting the negotiated agreement.

And, in part because of some of those changes in practices, we saw, last year, for the first time in 40 years, a drop in both the number of people incarcerated and the crime rate.


“We have that powerful tool, and if used, I think that’s a better, better chance in a very hard world than an agreement that is so totally flawed”, Schumer said. Chuck Schumer (D – N.Y.), who announced last week that he would oppose the deal. The worldwide arms embargo against Iran may also be lifted and allow Russian Federation and China to provide Iran with military technology, including ballistic missiles (that could deliver a nuclear bomb to the U.S.).

“This deal is a good deal. It gets the job done,” Kerry said