Kevin McCarthy announces candidacy for House speaker

Earlier in the day, McCarthy addressed the John Hay Initiative, a foreign policy thinktank founded by former advisers to Mitt Romney, in his first public appearance since Boehner announced his resignation on Friday.


“When he was in the Ohio Senate before he went to Congress, he was respected by all, even on both sides of the aisle, because he is a straight-shooter”, says Burress, who lives in Boehner’s congressional district. We simply don’t know whether he will completely fold to the far right or be flexible enough to work with Democrats to actually achieve meaningful legislation. Dickerson asked. ” “I refer you to my remark at a fundraiser I made in August in Steamboat Springs, Colorado”, Boehner replied.

Yet in an acknowledgement of the vocal conservative opposition that sprang up against Boehner, McCarthy said he is “also sensitive to what is happening outside of the Beltway”.

Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation“, Boehner predicted that the House and Senate will pass a bill this week to keep the government running. “I would like to have a principle-based member-driven Congress”, Webster said in an interview.

Though McCarthy is the favorite, arch-conservatives have yet to endorse him, with some expressing skepticism that he will be sufficiently conservative.

“The Reagan doctrine worked because the Soviets knew there was not an inch of soil we would concede to the spread of communism, or a dollar we wouldn’t spend to spread freedom”, he said. “I mean this whole notion that we’re going to shut down the government to get rid of Obamacare in 2013 _ this plan never had a chance”. “They’re like zombies…They just replace each other…[House Majority Leader] Kevin McCarthy is Eric Cantor with ten less IQ points”. The House has only 16 days in session on the schedule between now and October 30, when Boehner has said he will leave the Congress. Nothing big is on the legislative schedule for this week – and the appearance of any of those items would certainly prompt a big battle within the GOP. It’s unclear whether it will vote as a block, but its members want to extract some promises in return for their support. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a Republican presidential candidate, Boehner said, “You can pick out a lot of names”. Walsh then warned the party against choosing McCarthy as the next Speaker. “It’s a slow, methodical process”.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Calif. smiles after finishing a speech about foreign policy, Monday, September 28, 2015, during the John Hay Initiative, at a hotel in Washington.

“What have they accomplished?” he said. Since taking the Republican party back to the majority in 2010, Boehner also successfully grew the GOP conference to historic levels by 2014. That vote is done by secret ballot behind closed doors.

“And if there’s one thing of a frustration that I have… the Senate has got to work”, he continued.

No date for a House leadership election has been set.


“I would be hopeful that any nominee put on the House floor would already have that 218 vote support in the conference”, Meadows said on Monday.

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