Khloe K admits she still keeps checks on ex- hubby

It seems that watching her dad Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 show on September 16, Wednesday, in New York became too overwhelming for the toddler North West.


During the vacation, Kim opened up about the difficulty she’s been having getting pregnant with a second child, noting the “little operations” she’s had on her uterus to improve her chances of conceiving.

When Lopez asked Clinton about the reality TV star, she said, “You know, I just met her for the first time”.

The episode begins with Kim and Khloe packing up as they venture to Armenia.

“Amber found the designer’s clothes tacky and thinks they should be used for drying cars”.

Meanwhile, Kim has been offering tattoo advice to her younger sister Khloé Kardashian after the 31-year-old star underwent laser treatment to have her “tramp stamp” removed.

We can all expect to learn the sisters contouring secrets (or shall we say Kontouring?) and Kylie sparked rumors on Instagram that we should be expecting her lip kit soon.

Kim Kardashian promises fans that they will have access to “never before seen xxx photos of me, my friends and family”.

The source adds Harden has now also grown exhausted of seeing all Odom’s “s*** at Khloe’s house and in her garage”. “I remember the first thing I read wasn’t a book but the newspaper”.

Kim, Khloe and Kanye then drove to their family’s hometown. “I’m not sure she’s even going to make it to the starting gate”.

Aware she’s been rumbled, Khloe admits that it’s her ex’s number that she’s after. Can’t I do that?’ she told Kim.

Mrs. Clinton avoids answering Lopez’s question directly with good reason: whether Kim Kardashian should be considered a role model or not remains a very debated issue.


“No”, Khloe says, mysteriously, before admitting that she is looking for Odom’s number so she can check up on him to see whether he’s OK. Can I not do that?’ “So, take a chill pill, slore”.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom