Klobuchar, Franken Back Iran Nuclear Deal

We fully support the decision by New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer to oppose the President’s pending deal with Iran.


A newly created group made up of veterans is voicing opposition to Obama’s controversial nuclear deal – which will lift sanctions and free up Iran to use hundreds of millions of dollars to keep funding terror – by urging Americans to call their lawmakers. John Warner, R-Va., wrote in a Politico op-ed that theysupport the Iran Agreement negotiated by the United States and other leading world powers for many reasons, including its limitations on Iran’s nuclear activities, its strong inspections regime, and the ability to quickly re-impose sanctions should Iran violate its provisions”.

President Barack Obama does not hate Israel, Wieseltier said, but he is “the first U.S. president who doesn’t really have a special feeling for Israel“.

Sen. Al Franken endorsed the Iran nuclear deal, becoming the fifth of nine Jewish senators to back the agreement.

Kerry said the U.S “unilaterally” rejecting the agreement “will have a profound negative impact on people’s sense of American leadership and reliability”. “There’s a big bloc out there, folks, that isn’t just sitting around waiting for the United States to tell them what to do”. Obama has said he would veto a congressional resolution rejecting the accord if one is sent to him.

Kerry said he is “quite confident” that efforts to block the deal will fail.

“We will hope that Iran would change and we will certainly explore diplomatically – it would be diplomatic malpractice not to go out and try to explore that possibility, and we’ll do so with our eyes wide open”, he said.

“I can not support any agreement that threatens the safety of the American people, betrays our allies in the region, or places millions of innocent civilians in the region at risk”.

“Are you kidding me?” he asked.

Instead, he painted a harsh picture of the results of U.S. rejection.

News of Schumer’s decision was leaked by former White House officials last Thursday night on Twitter, forcing the senator to release his announcement the same night as the Republican presidential debate. Still, Bauer concedes it is an uphill battle to defeat the nuclear agreement.

DEARBORN-The Dearborn Democratic Club is encouraging Michigan members of congress and the senate to support the Iran Nuclear Deal.

It remains to be seen how the House and Senate will vote on a motion of disapproval.

Signers of the military letter include retired general and flag officers from every branch of service. Merrill McPeak and Lloyd Newton of the Air Force. “But I agree with Bibi on Iran”.

He said the U.S. had enough intelligence capacity to know what Iran would be doing and that the military option would always remain on the table if needed.


CNN reported that Engel came out in opposition to the Iran deal “despite a one-on-one meeting with Obama“.

President Obama discussed the Iran nuclear deal at American University in Washington