Kurdish forces take ten villages from Daesh in northern Iraq

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants are using remote controlled toy cars to bomb enemy areas, just like in the famous video game “Call Of Duty”. The small vehicles are reportedly being imported by the Islamic State from Turkey.


“They sit around dreaming of new ways to kill people“. ‘It’s completely different, ‘ stated one anonymous border guard, ‘where normally we wave through half a dozen deluded, hijab-wearing females per week, now hundreds of devoted and obsessive young western girls are crossing daily – ISIS are going to have a field day!’ Louis Park, a retired U.S. Marine and veteran who served in Afghanistan, was the first to be recruited by Royales.

The source said that when IS militants leave an area, they normally plant IEDs to prevent Peshmerga progressing.

“The war technically ended for conventional warfare, which put me and my brother basically out of a job”. So, for the ultimate long term objective of defeating ISIS, I think it is utterly essential to take the fight to them in Syria.

New Jersey’s top court says immigrant children, who fled abuse and abandonment in their home countries only need to show that one parent mistreated them in order for authorities to consider granting them legal residency.

The family is not anxious about getting into legal trouble with the US government as they would register with the Regional Government and will be deployed under the KRG military leaders.



So, right now, unfortunately, we’re more in a containment mode of trying to stop ISIS from continuing to expand, nowhere close to beginning to roll ISIS back. He describes himself as a “Soldier of Christ” and left for Iraq to protect Christian minorities under threat of ISIS.

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