Kylie Jenner Buys Herself a Sweet New Ride

The reality star debuted a brand new set of wheels Friday, showing off her whip – reportedly a $451,000 (US$320,000) white Rolls Royce Ghost – in a series of Snapchats.


One video chronicled the four-door luxury car’s presumed delivery to Jenner’s house.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star hugged and kissed her boyfriend as he continued to rap the song he wrote about her. Kylie quickly ran off stage following their embrace.

“You’re such a rapper now”, one of her friends joked.

Kylie seemed relaxing as he reclined in her own place and talked to chums before situation off, in a laidback light colored Adidas top notch and twin ends by using instructor.

Another video shows Kylie getting into the driver’s seat for the first time as her friends admire from the side. Kylie also motivates a Range Rover and perpetually makes the cover profession weekly.


With as much as Kylie keeps growing her empire, hey, she’s entitled to spend a little money and enjoy it, right?! They just happened to be doing them in a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Kylie Jenner showed off her new $320,000 Rolls Royce Ghost on Snapchat