Kylie Jenner Gets Provocative in First Adult Photoshoot

Kylie, who turned 18 on Monday, received a lovely white Ferrari 482 Italia from the rapper worth about $320,000, Peoplereported.


“I wanted to be in nursing school so, so bad”, Blossom, a student at Mississippi University for Women, says in this exclusive clip from Sunday’s show. He captioned the photo, “Happy bday to the dopest girl ever”.

Kylie is the latest talk of the town; she has been in news for her fashion sense, her uncommon dressing style and definitely her lips.

SHE previously said she wasn’t ready to “expose” her body in public, but Caitlyn Jenner has finally conquered her fears.

Kylie started the night with a meal at The Nice Guy in LA, owned by the h.wood group, which also runs Bootsy Bellows. Kanye West, Kris’ boy toy Corey Gamble and James Harden, who might be dating Khloe, were also there, plus some of Kylie’s girlfriends and the newly single (in so many ways) Zayn Malik.

Later that night, she went on a family dinner – where her parents Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) made their public appearance together after Caitlyn’s transition. Prior to her actual birthday celebration, Kylie held an earlier bash when she headed to the Los Angeles Children’s hospital to give some of the cancer patients some gifts. Videos have surfaced capturing her expression of surprise and disbelief for the lavish gift while being bombarded with the paparazzi.

Not content with just one celebration Kylie Jenner has had a whole weekend of them.


Now Kylie has planned to celebrate her milestone birthday with another but huge party in another country. She will be hosting a birthday party on August. 16 at a beach club in Montreal, where the legal drinking age is 18.

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