Kylie Jenner ‘paid 100k to party for an hour’

However, Kylie allegedly is anxious and nervous to tell her dad, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, because she is scared she may lose Caitlyn.


Now, don’t be surprised if it’s not real, Kylie and Kendall love their fake Sharpie tatts – but by the looks of it, the youngest of the Jenner sisters got a small, red heart tattoo on the back of her arm.

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday blow out in Montreal, Canada, made her and the club’s owners and promoters major money.

Since she turned 18, Kylie has undergone a transformation into a sex goddess, thanks to Tyga.

Another thing that’s quite something: Kylie was paid six figures to attend her own party – “close to $100,000”, The New York Daily News says; $200,000, Radar Online and Page Six report.

And even though her boyfriend Tyga was rumored to have his own adult entertainment site, as cited by Mirror UK, the rapper is already established financially.

Really, not much has changed other than the fact that she’s no longer working quite as hard to hide her relationship with Tyga.

Tyga would knock Kylie out of the park in this sex tape and it would be wilder than Mimi and Nikko’s”. Kylie’s family reportedly flipped out once they found out and they reportedly staged an intervention for her. Sadly, Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t there because Kylie reportedly didn’t tell her about the alleged pregnancy!


We’re not sure what kind of calendar Life & Style is using, but surely if she was pregnant in April, she’d be more than two months along by now. “Tyga immediately hugged and kissed her when he saw the proof”.

Kylie Jenner 'paid 100k to party for an hour'