Kylie Jenner Reconnects With Her First Kiss

“I first dyed my hair when I was 16″, Kylie wrote. “But the 25-year-old rapper has devised a way to shut it down for good and hit her where it hurts: her vanity!”


Kylie Jenner has-been reminiscing about her 1st kiss – still we bet she needs she hadn’t. “He considers it the only option when they have sex”. Wearing a low-waist grey sweatpants and a white crop T-shirt, Kylie left her hair messy and loose.

Kylie Jenner taking a selfie. With or without makeup, Kylie is a lovely girl and if you ask us, Tyga should be building his woman up, not threatening to tear her down. Her caption read, “8am in my closet”.

It seems like the Hollywood Life likes to contradict itself on a daily basis. While many outlets have alleged that the couple are all but broken up, a new Inquisitr report suggests the exact opposite: namely, that Tyga loves Kylie in heavy makeup, and will only have sex with her when it’s caked on to the max.

“She’s obsessed with perfection and is more concerned about her appearance and her fame than she is Tyga and their relationship.”

Before her stepbrother-in-law Kanye West’s fashion show last week, she had a video with no makeup.

The Kylie Jenner and Tyga fighting is becoming strangely heated. Maybe that’s why she made a decision to go bare-free in her recent selfies and paparazzi candids. Being continuously snapped together everywhere has certainly confirmed their relationship without them ever having to publicly acknowledge it. The two are also reportedly living together in Kylie’s million dollar home. At one point, both parties couldn’t keep their eyes off their smartphones.


Thankfully after a while Kylie managed to jog his memory.

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