Kylie Jenner’s bikini-wearing selfie is… 11:17AM

And while the youngest Jenner-Kardashian brood has already clarified the rumors, Tyga’s baby mama, who has been Kylie’s arch enemy could not help but react and diss the couple once more.


Hollywood Life went on to say that Kylie kept her look pretty simply, with only minimal makeup, a sexy, though simple black bikini, and only a few bracelets adorning her wrists. Kris Jenner’s daughter Instagrammed a promotional pic of her soiree, which will take place in Montreal, and in it she’s wearing the same bikini as the risqué selfie above.

However, critics questioned whether Kylie’s promotion was genuine or if she had been paid to mention the brand to her 31.1 million followers.

The brunette beauty previously said her birthday would be a “crazy” occasion.

As the childhood photos they occasionally share across their social media profiles illustrate, half-sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner did not use to have the same face.

“I Am Cait” star Caitlyn Jenner has revealed she considered having surgery on her vocal chords. “If you’re going to accept me, you’re going to accept me”.

Kylie Jenner’s new Instagram photo is giving us serious jealousy pangs – it almost made us throw our blueberry muffin in the bin. All in a day’s work, we suppose!

“That’s what’s wrong with today”, Kylie tweeted.


“My reality is…I only show people what I want them to see”, she continued.

Kylie Jenner's bikini-wearing selfie is... 11:17AM