Kylie Jenner Takes The Lead As Her App Is The Most Downloaded

So what will these websites and apps feature?


The apps “provide a unique and personal look into their lives”, according to a statement from Whalerock Monday.

The apps – and companion web sites – have videos, diaries, and a variety of lifestyle content (like beauty tips and travel guides).

The 18-year-old television personality also spilled secrets on her makeup regime.

“I put so much time into it”, Kylie stressed, talking exclusively to ET. “And yes, long coats to cover my fat arms and bum!” He’s been telling everyone, “I told ya so, ‘ and kind of rubbing it in to Kim, Khloe and Kendall, but in a playful way”. “LOL I am always freezing, so it works out perfectly for me!”

Yup, Kim Kardashian, 34, has just launched a new app and given her website a major Kardashian-style make-over with all new sneak-peeks into her life.

Tech InsiderTwo days after announcing their apps at the Apple store in Soho, the Kardashians and Jenners are still crushing the download charts – and beginning to rake in cash.

Kendall is a high-fashion model, so the look and feel of her app is very clean and crisp”.

So when the doe-eyed youngest Kardashian-Jenner started showing off some serious cleavage, critics turned to the only explanation they could justify, which was that Kylie had obv gotten implants.

In other Kylie Jenner-related news, she also uploaded THIS smoking hot picture to Instagram.

Newly-single Kourtney Kardashian showed ex-boyfriend Scott Disick what he’s missing in leather trousers, a black crop top and a matching bomber jacket.

The apps and websites are all subscription based. It just hasn’t been completed yet.

They’re sure to be a major success, katapulting the Kardashians’ kombined net worth to more than the kurrent $US300 million.


Okay look we know this isn’t exactly “ground breaking”, but hear the gal out!

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