Lady Gaga covers ‘I Want Your Love’ for Tom Ford

While the rest of those scrubs at Paris Fashion Week were busying themselves with “fashion shows” and “runways” and “models”, Tom Ford skipped the whole shebang and made a music video.


It’s been a while since the world heard new pop and dance music from Lady Gaga, but on Friday (Oct. 2), that all changed.

In February, Tom Ford opted out of a traditional runway show for an A-list LA show. The designer is supposedly working on a second film entitled, “Nocturnal Animals” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams.

After a period of (relative) career dormancy, Lady Gaga is having a bit of a renaissance this year. Attractive day filming w/ 3 talented, brilliant, & CHIC gentlemen. The acclaimed fashion designer chose to mix cinema and high fashion, presenting a video runway of his Spring 2016 collection.

A spring ’16 style from Tom Ford.

Note: Ford’s fall-winter 2015 show was a non-conventional occasion as well, with a celeb-filled showing in Los Angeles just days before the Oscars. The designer is a longtime fan of going off schedule and straying from the traditional catwalk presentation.

It’s fitting, then, that he has instead turned to the medium of film to showcase his latest womenswear collection.


The star, real name Stefani Germanotta, opens the video writhing in underwear and running her hands over her crotch, before later flashing her bare behind while being caressed by two hunks.

Tom Ford's Spring 2016 Runway Show Is a Music Video Starring Lady Gaga!