Lavrov: US ‘Wants To Mend Ties’

In fact, Moscow’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine previous year has given the memorabilia makers even more material to glorify a president whose image as a champion of Russian national interests in a hostile world is barely challenged in his own country.


Eight teams are in the league, many fielding a mix of local youngsters and veteran players who previously plied their trade in the Ukrainian lower leagues. And appeasement doesn’t actually work. And what were the consequences of Ukraine’s decision not to fight back?

Surprisingly, Putin didn’t need justification to invade places.

Egor Gordeyev / VedomostiOne of the most popular images adorning t-shirts and smartphone covers is a simple photo portrait of Putin looking remote and inscrutable behind dark glasses.

“Poroshenko pushed Crimea to Russia” and it would’ve been plunged into the same conflict raging in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions if it hadn’t “left” the country, Azarov said. Intelligence analysts had briefed Congress 24 hours before the stealth invasion, saying the Russian troop buildup on Ukraine’s border was a bluff. He might bluff, but if he faces no opposition, then there’s no reason for him not to act.

“It is impossible to sacrifice individual countries and peoples to such an aggressor, he concludes, reminding the world that “the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar peoples having suffered the catastrophe of the Holodomor and Deportation have the right to all-possible assistance and support from the worldwide community of which they are a part”.

On the Press Review today we’ll look more closely at the decisions that were taken over the past year which have shaped Ukraine’s present and will no doubt continue to tell on its future.

Now Russian Federation just needs to negotiate a deal that will let it have Ukraine and Poland while Obama whines that everyone who disagrees is a warmongering traitor making common cause with Putin while plotting another Iraq War.

“We [Russia and China] are decidedly against giving the law by one state to other sovereign countries, including with use of force, imposing one-sided sanctions, and application of practice of double standards”, he wrote. Meanwhile, Russian direct military involvement in Eastern Ukraine has continued at a high level.

Rogan and Lake explain: “The Obama administration, led on this issue by [US Secretary of State John] Kerry, is still pursuing a reboot of US-Russia relations”.


Time for another reset button.

ReutersA man cries outside his damaged house which locals said was hit by shelling in Donetsk Ukraine