Lawyer: Palestinian hunger striker ends his fast, day after his detention in

Before he fell unconscious August 14, Allan had appeared set to be the first test of the law.


The Israeli military prosecution on Wednesday morning offered to release Palestinian hunger striker Muhammad Allan when his administrative detention expires in November, the head of the Palestinian Authority Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said.

Israel’s ruling has not addressed what would happen to Allan if he recovers, saying only he can petition for his release if his condition improves. “It is time to reverse the perilous tide that we are now facing and restore, to Israelis and Palestinians alike, the hope that is in danger of being stifled by those promoting their hate driven agendas”.

Islamic Jihad describes Allan, a lawyer from the West Bank, as a member of the Palestinian militant movement, as does Israel. He denies the affiliation. But many medical professionals view force-feeding as a violation of patient autonomy akin to torture. “It may lead to mass hunger strikes by security prisoners”.

The letter noted that such use violates the Forth Geneva Convention and Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Throughout the day Allaan began to lose coherent connection with his environment, did not speak clearly and stared off in various directions”, he said.

Dr Hezy Levy, of Barzilai hospital in southern Israel, where Mr Allan is being treated, said he is “incoherent” and “not connecting with his surroundings“.

But the scan results were not conclusive and a hospital spokesperson said it was not as yet clear whether the damage was “completely reversible” implying the possibility of recovery.

Here’s a look at Allan and the debate over force-feeding and administrative detention. “He is starting to communicate and I am happy that medically he is on the right path”. After a medical examination it was found that Mohammed Allan now suffers from brain damage.

“Israel’s high court had said earlier that if the hunger striker’s brain damage is irreversible then it is likely the administrative order will be completely revoked”, Agence France-Presse reported.

RT: How will this ruling affect other hunger-striking Palestinians being held in detention indefinitely? Israel has, however, defended administrative detention as a vital tool for preventing attacks, because it allows authorities to hold suspects while they gather intelligence and build cases against them.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has issued a decree to close an internationally funded Palestinian peace centre run by a political rival, a government official said on Wednesday.


Witnesses said the protesters, who were joined by a few foreign activists, gathered in the Christian town of Beit Jala to protest building a stretch of the barrier, which started on Monday after years of legal battles.

A man holds up a poster demanding freedom for Mohammed Allan in the southern town of Rahat Israel