Leah Messer Completes Rehab, Attends “Teen Mom 2” Reunion Taping With Ex

For a refresher on what happened last week, read my recap of the Teen Mom 2 2015 premiere. She calls Cole a nice hot piece of ass and her mom reminds her that he’s also nice on the inside. We’re not going to jump down her throat. He reveals privately that he’s actually brought her on this trip to propose to her. However, bliss was short-lived as his ex-husband, Adam Lind, who has just finished prison time, sent a note through his lawyer that he wants 50/50 custody of their daughter Aubree. In fact, according to a previous report by the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Messer moved T.R. Dues into her mother’s house just weeks into their relationship.


“I can definitely relate because I went through an issue she went through”, she told Perez Hilton.

Messer has yet to publicly acknowledge the divorce and her name on social media remains, “Leah D”.

There’s a cute scene of Jennelle’s mom Barbara playing with Jennelle’s son Jace on his bike. As for Jenelle, she said that “I’ve held on for a year and a half and nothing is changing…” The MTV star appeared to be dissing her former husband on Twitter and recently, she likewise shared a Mother Teresa quote which she claimed reminded her to be kind regardless of how “unreasonable and self-centered” people are. They agree things will be better if they keep the bond between them strong. There was a court-ordered drug test, and Messer passed it completely.

“Stop acting like a b!tch.” Nathan and Jenelle ERUPT in the next episode of Teen Mom 2 – THURSDAY at 10/9c. Some are convinced that the blonde beauty is abusing prescription drugs instead.


Do you think Leah will be able to maintain custody of her kids?

Leah Messer receives drug test results on 'Teen Mom 2' - Reality TV World