Leaked Images Show Pink iPhone 6S Ahead Of Apple’s September Handset Launch

They are very pink, which we feel is appropriate, after all the second most evil character in Harry Potter had a thing about the colour pink and it certainly matches the Apple image.


The information is purported to come from an anonymous source with insider knowledge of French mobile operators. While the 11 September date is on show in the photo the site also claims to know 18 September is the shipping date.

As the new iPhone’s expected launch date of September 9 approaches, analysts are getting jumpy about its chances of success.

The iPhone 6c is rumored to be the iPhone 6s’s smaller brother, but it may not arrive at the same time as the iPhone 6s. According to a Weibo post by IHS technology director Kevin Wang, The so-called “iPhone 6C” will launch before the end of 2015. To wit, a recent report from Park Associates finds that the Apple TV is now the fourth most popular streaming media device in the U.S., trailing behind Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon’s Fire TV.

Now, another report, this time from China Times, pegs the iPhone 6c launch for this November.

Apple updates its smartphone lineup once a year, with the device debuting at a special event in held California, normally on the second Tuesday in September. Some reports suggest that the device will be launched alongside the iPhone 6s next month, while other reports hint that the iPhone 6c might not hit the markets until next year.

The new iPhone 6c specifications could definitely give the entry iPhone more appeal.

But it isn’t likely to make an appearance in September.


Meanwhile, another rumor pointed toward the 7000 Series aluminum being used on the chassis to give it added durability and prevent it from bending easily, which was the cause of the huge “Bendgate” issue previous year.

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