Leaked photo shows what the iPhone 6S will look like

A newly leaked image may be the most convincing image of what the iPhone 6S will look like, and it appears to be almost identical to its predecessor. Nowhereelse could not confirm whether the display uses Apple’s Force Touch technology, although it is highly probable it will. Rumours that the panel may finally be made of sapphire glass are less likely to turn out true. It’s possible that this could be a signal that the company is planning to move a lot more of the iPhone 6s when it’s released than what analysts are expecting. The Note 4 proved that it’s superior to the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of performance and features, although some may not agree with this. The iPhone 6S, being the last in the current generation of iPhones isn’t expected to come with any design changes at all.


Apple is also adopting the stronger 7000 series aluminum to avoid bendgate in the iPhone 6S.

Apple is expected to offer a new color option with rose gold to match the Apple Watch options.

Despite rumors and speculations, the newly leaked iPhone 6S photograph could only mean that the device is in full-on mass production.

We’ll find out everything from Tim Cook come September, where are will officially be revealed. The camera components have not leaked yet. This is a 26% year over year increase.

Apple then talks about various ways the iPhone stands apart: how Apple creates both the hardware and software, the quality and simplicity of the Camera, the large number of quality applications on the App Store, security and privacy on the iPhone including Touch ID, Messages, Apple Pay, and Health.


The iPhone continues to gain market share as consumers switch from Android. The iPhone is the company’s most focused upon product launch every year, even though at its conception, Apple was known for its personal computers. And, of course, the iPhone 6 sold very well indeed itself…

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